Infilink HMI Software Version History

Current Version: 5.00.43

Version 5.00.43 – New Features:
  • New Wizard: Slanted Text – This new wizard allows you to:
    • Have text which appears at a user-set angle.
    • Outline the text in various colors.
    • Have the text be a literal string, or a tag.
    • Have the text change color from top-to-bottom, or left-to-right.
    • Position the slanted text within the box as specified.
    • Fill color and border (or none) surrounding the text.
New Slanted Text Wizard
Setting the border and fill color of the slanted text wizard:
Slanted Text Example Displayed In Run Mode

Updated Pipe Wizard Added the ability to turn On or Off the flanges on the ends:

Updated Demo Project to 1920 x 1080 Resolution

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Version 5.00.42 – New Features:
  • New Wizard:  Confirmation Button This new wizard reduces the need for scripting when the project designer wants to have an “Are You Sure” confirmation button

Version 5.00.41 – New Features:
  1. Data and Alarm logging can now be done to SQL database. (Currently MySQL)*
  2. The new scripting command is: SQLTagWrite(“Tagname”);

* INFILINKenterprise only