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The Mitsubishi Suite for KEPServerEX is a collection of Mitsubishi drivers bundled together for convenience. It enables data exchange between Mitsubishi controllers and OPC clients, so users can easily create and configure fast and reliable connectivity to HMI, MES, SCADA, Historian, ERP and custom client applications.

The Mitsubishi Suite supports multiple Mitsubishi protocols, including MELSEC, FX Direct Serial, SLMP for iQ series devices, and Mitsubishi Format 1. With seamless connectivity to a wide range of Mitsubishi controllers, automation devices and applications, the Mitsubishi Suite improves data communications across the manufacturing ecosystem.

Mitsubishi Electric is a “full scope” supplier of factory automation products, with Mitsubishi controllers used across a variety of industries and geographies. With the Mitsubishi Suite for KEPServerEX, users can quickly and easily configure connectivity between Mitsubishi controllers and their most important applications.


  • Supports MELSEC (MC Protocol) and other common Mitsubishi industrial protocols
  • Supports a variety of modern and legacy Mitsubishi controllers including iQ, FX, Q and A series
  • Supports redundant and multiple CPU configurations to the Q-Series model
  • Supports Ethernet Encapsulation for Serial drivers
  • Supports Mitsubishi Multi-Level Networks

Available Languages

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese


Component Drivers

  • Mitsubishi CNC Ethernet
  • Mitsubishi Ethernet
  • Mitsubishi FX
  • Mitsubishi FX Net
  • Mitsubishi Serial
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