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The Yokogawa Suite packages all of Kepware’s Yokogawa drivers for one low price. The suite includes the Yokogawa CX, Yokogawa Darwin Ethernet, Yokogawa Darwin Serial, Yokogawa DX Ethernet, Yokogawa DX , Yokogawa DXP, Yokogawa GX Ethernet, Yokogawa HR, Yokogawa MW, and Yokogawa MX drivers. When purchasing the Yokogawa Suite, you can use all of these drivers on the same PC.

Note: Current users with a valid license for any one of the drivers found in the Aromat Suite may download the latest version of KEPServerEX and install all drivers listed in the suite.

Available Languages

  • English

Component Drivers

  • Yokogawa Controller
  • Yokogawa CX
  • Yokogawa Darwin Ethernet
  • Yokogawa Darwin Serial
  • Yokogawa DX Ethernet
  • Yokogawa DX Serial
  • Yokogawa DXP
  • Yokogawa GX Ethernet
  • Yokogawa HR
  • Yokogawa MW
  • Yokogawa MX
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